About us

We are LabBody

A skincare brand created by passionate people who believe that nature has the potential to provide all the right elements to nurture healthy skin and enhance beauty.

We create pure skincare products with natural, high-quality ingredients to help promote and support the health and vitality of skin and encourage those who use them to feel beautiful just the way they are.

Our inspiration

We are inspired by the beauty that comes from within and is found all around us; in the smallest of details and the entirety of things.

Our products are designed to enhance the beauty that already exists within you, helping you to care for your skin and feel empowered within it. Because when you feel beautiful, you are beautiful.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire all people to live happy and healthy lives, starting with their skin. We want to help women and men to enhance their skin characteristics and achieve real, beautiful skin using trusted and effective natural skincare products.

With a strong focus on reliable ingredients and providing both honesty and excellence in our products, we’ve found a more simplistic and wholesome way for you to care for your skin.

Our products

As an Australian based company operating in the inner city of Melbourne, we partner with businesses who share our values and that we know and trust to help bring our products to life.Together, we produce products with care in small batches to maintain quality.

We’re proud of what we, and the many hands that help us, create and we hope you like it too.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



LabBody - Inspired by beauty, supported by nature 


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